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A different autumn

A picture of a day in which the expected snow, which can give an extraordinary combination with autumn colors, turned out to come in the form of an intense hail storm, with numerous lightnings with nearby strikes at the hills surrounding this spot. The storm lasted half an hour and left a layer of more than 10 centimetres thick. In the photo, flash was used to highlight the leaves of the tree in the foreground  and the picture was taken at a high speed to capture the traces of the fall of the hail, to reflect something of the atmosphere so hostile and magical at the same time.

Photo taken with digital camera, 24-70 mm f:2.8 lens, at 24mm, at F:14, 400 ISO, 1/50 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Spring harmony

An image with an intention to transmit harmony and balance between the lights and shadows, between the color of the bloom of the almond trees as well as among the undulated hills and tracks, thus creating a pleasant spring-like portrait of an agricultural landscape with a “naïve” feel. To achieve this image, the photographer must be at a very determined hour in a few and very limited specific dates and even years and get the ideal point of view to combine different elements in the correct way, a work whose dedication and difficulty will be hardly valued and compensated, beyond a few «likes» on social networks for a few hours.

Panoramic photo taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 2.8 at 60mm, F:16, 125 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Stone undulations

A nightly picture of the iconic Torcal de Antequera, seeking a balance between rocks and vegetation, between the blue sky with stars and the moving clouds.

Panoramic photo consisting of 3 Images, taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 4 at F:11, 200 ISO, 20 seconds.

Sea waves

A picture of the undulations that stain bluish tones to this rock formation on the beach, as if it were a representation of the waves which sculpted this beautiful setting. To get the appropriate sharpness the technique of focus stacking has been used

Panoramic photo consisting of 6 Images, taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 4 at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/4 second, polarizing filter.

Dehesa (Pasture lands)

An unusual wintery picture of what was one of the most photogenic pasture lands of the South of the Peninsula, formed by autochthonous Aleppo pines and holm oaks, currently aesthetically wrecked by the planting of almond trees between trees and their  fences. It is a real shame that there is no conservation of these agricultural landscapes of high ecological, aesthetic and cultural value.

Panoramic photo consisting of 4 Images, taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 4 at F:14, 100 ISO, 1/4 second, polarizing filter.


An image reflecting the tail of a reservoir in times of drought, with its islands of silt and life around. To make these images with saturated colors the sun should be behind the photographer and it is necessary to choose a high point of view, which also helps to separate the Islands and create sufficient space between them.

Photo taken with digital camera, lens 80-400 mm f: 4 at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/4 second, polarizing filter.

Sierra Nevada

A picture usually not associated with the mountain range, but it is part of the protected area of the Park. The Laguna de Padul was once a lagoon of much larger extension, although it is currently in a state of recovery after a human over-exploitation over the past centuries. Beneath its waters is an important layer of peat which was exploited until recently and that contains remains of animals of past times as the mammoth.

Made with digital camera, 17 – 50 mm lens F:2.8, at 200 ISO, F:11 and 1/30 second,  polarizing filter.


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