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Etiqueta: Hoya de Guadix

Desert Storm

After many years of frequent visits to this unique place I finally was able to photograph the desert, attractively contrasted by a storm and its rainbow. This phenomenon is as unpredictable as ephemeral and does not leave many options or much time to react, in this case I tried luck in a location that has some interest and depth to be combined with the presence of this phenomenon. In order not to delete the desired presence of the rainbow I put the polarizing filter on its minimum of intensity.

Full frame camera, 24-70 mm lens f:2.8, at 40 mm, 200 ISO, F:11 and 1/8 seconds, polarizing filter, umbrella

Sea waves

A picture of the undulations that stain bluish tones to this rock formation on the beach, as if it were a representation of the waves which sculpted this beautiful setting. To get the appropriate sharpness the technique of focus stacking has been used

Panoramic photo consisting of 6 Images, taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 4 at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/4 second, polarizing filter.

Dehesa (Pasture lands)

An unusual wintery picture of what was one of the most photogenic pasture lands of the South of the Peninsula, formed by autochthonous Aleppo pines and holm oaks, currently aesthetically wrecked by the planting of almond trees between trees and their  fences. It is a real shame that there is no conservation of these agricultural landscapes of high ecological, aesthetic and cultural value.

Panoramic photo consisting of 4 Images, taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 4 at F:14, 100 ISO, 1/4 second, polarizing filter.

Hoya de Guadix

A detail of what used to be one of the most photogenic and valuable pasturelands of the peninsula, where oak trees mingle with native carrasco pine. Its aesthetic appearance is currently quite degraded due to the massive planting of almond trees and their fence. 

Taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f:2.8 at F:16, to 320 ISO, 1/250 second. 

Hoya de Guadix

A portrait of the dehesa (pasturelands), landscape shaped by the hand of man, to clarify the dense Mediterranean forest that formerly occupied large areas of the interior of the Peninsula. This location in particular has the valuable curiosity of treasuring a mixture between holm oaks and autochthonous Aleppo pine trees.

Made with digital camera, 10 – 20 mm lens F:4, at 100 ISO, F:11 and 1/30 second,  polarizing filter.

«Former inland sea»

An image of a place where there were respectively a sea and then an inland lake, today occupied by a reservoir which reflects on a small scale the great mass of water that was there more than one million years ago

Made with digital camera, 24 – 70 mm lens f:2.8, at 100 ISO, f:11 and 1/30 second,  polarizing filter.


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