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A centenarian specimen of native Scots pine, resisting the inclemency of weather and climate, in one of its southernmost locations of the Peninsula, exhibiting all the strength of its powerful trunk and branches.

APC, 10-20 mm lens at 20 mm, F:11, 100 ISO, 10s

Desert Storm

After many years of frequent visits to this unique place I finally was able to photograph the desert, attractively contrasted by a storm and its rainbow. This phenomenon is as unpredictable as ephemeral and does not leave many options or much time to react, in this case I tried luck in a location that has some interest and depth to be combined with the presence of this phenomenon. In order not to delete the desired presence of the rainbow I put the polarizing filter on its minimum of intensity.

Full frame camera, 24-70 mm lens f:2.8, at 40 mm, 200 ISO, F:11 and 1/8 seconds, polarizing filter, umbrella

Blizzard flowers

A storm has left traces of its blizzard, decorating the top of the mountains with beautiful flowers of ice on its way, creating a work of art full of beauty and ephemeral magic. The panoramic format allowed the capturing of the essence of the scene.

Panoramic image made of 3 photos, full frame camera, 24-70 mm lens f:2.8, at 70 mm, 100 ISO, F:16 and 1/50 seconds,  polarizing filter


The dance of the Oaks

A Holm oak wood portrayed during a blizzard of snow, with a slow exposure to emphasize the movement of leaves and branches, contrasted by the steady trunks, thus creating depth and adding an extra touch of magic to the scene.

Full frame camera, 24-70 mm lens f:2.8, at 24mm, 31 ISO, F:16 and 25 seconds,  polarizing filter.


Spring setting

An abstraction of a spring forest at an exceptional moment with an abundant bloom of common primrose (Primula vulgaris) among the trees. Instead of portraying the scene with its many trees and flowers and trying to cover everything, the photographer has chosen to apply the philosophy of «less» is «more» selecting (only) the base of the trunk and some roots framing flowers, creating thus a setting with more than sufficient information.

Photo taken with digital camera, 30-80 mm 2.8 mm lens, at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Enchanted Dawn

A morning scene in full «hoarfrost”; a phenomenon that plays with the wind, clouds and cold to create an enchanted scene where the elements of the landscape are dyed by a magical layer of ice, with its contours and textures emphasized in a subtle as beautiful way. The image is made in slide format a few years ago, subsequently in this place an unfortunate and unnecessary viewpoint has been built, for whose purpose the area has been covered with a thick and excessive layer of concrete, which is only covered in days of snowfall.

Photo taken with analogue camera, 24-50 mm f:4 lens, at F:16, Velvia (slide) 50 ASA 1/2 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Spring harmony

An image with an intention to transmit harmony and balance between the lights and shadows, between the color of the bloom of the almond trees as well as among the undulated hills and tracks, thus creating a pleasant spring-like portrait of an agricultural landscape with a “naïve” feel. To achieve this image, the photographer must be at a very determined hour in a few and very limited specific dates and even years and get the ideal point of view to combine different elements in the correct way, a work whose dedication and difficulty will be hardly valued and compensated, beyond a few «likes» on social networks for a few hours.

Panoramic photo taken with digital camera, lens 24-70 mm f: 2.8 at 60mm, F:16, 125 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Winter in autumn

When it is coupled with the autumn, it creats  images of great beauty, in this case I had been expected snow that was supposed to fall on the colorful leaves of autumn trees. I had to change my idea because instead of snow a fulminant hailstorm took place, whose ice balls did not clot to the leaves but rather rebounded onto the ground. That unexpected happening instead gave me the opportunity to get something different from the topical images of details, thanks to the presence of hail and textures that contributed to the composition.

Photo taken with digital camera, 105 mm f:2.8 macro lens, at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Hoya de Guadix

A portrait of the dehesa (pasturelands), landscape shaped by the hand of man, to clarify the dense Mediterranean forest that formerly occupied large areas of the interior of the Peninsula. This location in particular has the valuable curiosity of treasuring a mixture between holm oaks and autochthonous Aleppo pine trees.

Made with digital camera, 10 – 20 mm lens F:4, at 100 ISO, F:11 and 1/30 second,  polarizing filter.

Sierra Nevada

A picture usually not associated with the mountain range, but it is part of the protected area of the Park. The Laguna de Padul was once a lagoon of much larger extension, although it is currently in a state of recovery after a human over-exploitation over the past centuries. Beneath its waters is an important layer of peat which was exploited until recently and that contains remains of animals of past times as the mammoth.

Made with digital camera, 17 – 50 mm lens F:2.8, at 200 ISO, F:11 and 1/30 second,  polarizing filter.

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