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Sierra Segura in flames

A portrait of one of the most impressive peaks of the immense Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. In this “sea of pine tres” it is important to find forms and reliefs that stand out or emerging above them, in this case we see the impressive walls of Banderillas peak (which seem to «flab» as if it were a flag in the wind), accented and enhanced by the last rays of sunshine and the dark clouds. To get this image you have to walk quite a while until finally the pinar leaves a window open to be able to contemplate the impressive massif, which means a walk of about 20 kilometres per image.

Photo taken with analogue camera, 28-90 mm lens, at F:11, Velvia (slide) 50 ASA, 1/2 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Ephemeral set

An abstraction of some of the many photogenic corners of the Rio Tinto, with a cutout of a waterfall whose fall creates a swirl of foam. I have tried to photograph the scene with a moderate speed, for, on the one hand, emphasize the twisting motion of foam and on the other hand, to keep texture at the same time in the scene. When we find a composition with water in movement that we like, it turns out to be very interesting to try to photograph it with different speeds, to acheive the photo that contains the appropriate exposure time according to our criteria. A neutral grey filter (variable) turns out to be of great help in this process.

Photo taken with digital camera,  80-400mm F:4 lens at 180 mm, at F:16, 100 ISO, 1 second, polarizing filter, variable grey filter tripod.

Spring setting

An abstraction of a spring forest at an exceptional moment with an abundant bloom of common primrose (Primula vulgaris) among the trees. Instead of portraying the scene with its many trees and flowers and trying to cover everything, the photographer has chosen to apply the philosophy of «less» is «more» selecting (only) the base of the trunk and some roots framing flowers, creating thus a setting with more than sufficient information.

Photo taken with digital camera, 30-80 mm 2.8 mm lens, at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Enchanted Dawn

A morning scene in full «hoarfrost”; a phenomenon that plays with the wind, clouds and cold to create an enchanted scene where the elements of the landscape are dyed by a magical layer of ice, with its contours and textures emphasized in a subtle as beautiful way. The image is made in slide format a few years ago, subsequently in this place an unfortunate and unnecessary viewpoint has been built, for whose purpose the area has been covered with a thick and excessive layer of concrete, which is only covered in days of snowfall.

Photo taken with analogue camera, 24-50 mm f:4 lens, at F:16, Velvia (slide) 50 ASA 1/2 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Winter in autumn

When it is coupled with the autumn, it creats  images of great beauty, in this case I had been expected snow that was supposed to fall on the colorful leaves of autumn trees. I had to change my idea because instead of snow a fulminant hailstorm took place, whose ice balls did not clot to the leaves but rather rebounded onto the ground. That unexpected happening instead gave me the opportunity to get something different from the topical images of details, thanks to the presence of hail and textures that contributed to the composition.

Photo taken with digital camera, 105 mm f:2.8 macro lens, at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Sandstone curves

Water erosion and the onslaught and the sanding of the winds have created during many years this beautiful sandstone artwork. I have photographed this apparent including some small stones fallen from the wall, to facilitate any hints about the dimensions of the set, something highly recommended when it comes to abstract images.

Photo taken with digital camera, 24-70 mm f:2.8 lens, at F:14, 100 ISO, 1/20 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Marine fury

A scene reflecting the sea in an enraged State, accented by the sky and its texture. To obtain a single successful image, in these situations we need to take numerous shots, given that every moment is a different combination of waves in the sea and swaying on the waterfront, as well as the stones in the foreground.

Photo taken with digital camera, 15 mm f:2.4 lens, at F:10, 800 ISO, 1/640 second, polarizing filter, tripod.

Fractals and a pollen

An image depicting a detail of the famous Rio Tinto, showing curious forms, known as «Fractals» and a thread of pollen of the vegetation in the vicinity of the River, rocked by wind and currents, which seems to want to imitate the appearances of the linear deposits of minerals. At the same time, the presence of pollen in the image, is apart from being an element of dynamism, a subtle and valuable indicator of the size of the compositional elements, without spoiling the abstract charm of the whole.   In this spot we can find an immense variety in shapes, figures and colors, constituting a true paradise for photographers, especially for those dedicated to abstract images.

Photo taken with digital camera, lens 80-400 mm f: 4 at F:16, 100 ISO, 1/4 second, polarizing filter, tripod.


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