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The unknown west of Andalusia offers different and very varied landscapes and has a great attraction due to its special appearances. The huge colour contrasts are spectacular. During this photo trip we focus mainly on the very colourful river with many interesting details and unlimited photography possibilities. The Rio Tinto (Spanish for red river) is river is remarkably acidic (pH 2) and has a unique red and orange color, which is due to heavy metals dissolved in the water. Its special characteristics have brought even NASA investigators, since the extreme conditions of the water seem to be similar to that of other planets. The river retains its colour approximately for a length of 50km. The Rio Tinto area has been the source of about 5,000 years of ore mining, including copper, silver, gold and other minerals. For many years it was thought that the many colours, shapes and unique properties of the river were caused by mining, however, now it is known that these processes are essentially natural…

During this trip, everything is taken care of. This allows you to fully focus on the purpose of this trip, which is to be busy with photography. The lodging is based on breakfast, lunch and dinner. The excursions are provided by experts in the field of photography. Transport has also been taken care of. This concept ensures that photography can be central during this special photo journey.

Photographic possibilities

The Rio Tinto is quite unique because of its colour and therefore landscapeally also enormously interesting. Wide-angle shots are certainly possible, although it is mainly the smaller landscapes, also known as «intimate landscapes»,that make the Rio Tinto area so interesting. With a standard to short tele lens you can get along well. Even when you look at the details up close, there are also impressive macro topics to be found. The Rio Tinto is therefore an ideal photo destination for the landscape photographer who is particularly charmed by abstract photography

Day time schedule

The big advantage of the Rio Tinto is that you can take beautiful pictures under all lighting conditions, so both with direct sunlight and during cloud cover. This simply means that there are plenty of photo opportunities every day. The trip is aimed at taking the participants to the most sightseeing places in the Rio Tinto area. For some photo locations we have to take a short walk through nature to get there. These are mainly short distances over a not too rough terrain. With a normal condition, this photo trip is therefore easy to do. Of course, the tour guide adjusts the tours to the capacities of the group. A number of locations are so photogenic that you can easily get started for a few hours. Sometimes it also pays to come back to the same location under different lighting conditions.

We want as much photography time as possible and as little travel time as possible and therefore will not visit more than three photo locations in a day.  Our charming accommodation is situated in the middle of nature and is central to the Rio Tinto area. We do not have a fixed day program and will anticipate the conditions on a daily basis. We also plan an evening during the week to view and discuss the pictures taken by the participants. Besides that it is nice to also see the pictures of the fellow photographers, it is also very educational and inspiring.

The trip is organized together with the Dutch agency Fotoreisspecialist (www.fotoreisspecialist.nl), specialized in photographic travel with extensive experience in photographing and organizing trips to this destination. During the trip we will hold some theoretical photography workshops and analyse the images of the participants made during the trip. 

The journey includes transport during the trip, an accompanying professional photographer and a guide, accommodation in full board (breakfast, picnic and dinner with three courses), in a room with private bathroom.

General information

This journey is suitable for any photographic level.

Although it is not indispensable, we recommend having basic knowledge of photography and a DSLR camera to get more out of the workshops.

To get to the photographic locations some itineraries go along unpaved roads or mountain tracks. Therefore we recommend that the participants are used to (short) walking in the natural environment.

 Minimum recommended material:

  • SLR camera with lenses
  • Tripod
  • Wired or Wireless Trigger

Recommended material:

  • Polarizing filter
  • Grey gradient filter
  • Neutral grey density filter 

Consult with the office if you do not own the material

Final note:

The taking of the photographs depends in large part on the weather and the field conditions. Al Andalus Photo Tour reserves the right to modify schedules and tours in case circumstances require it (e.g. Rains, poor access roads) for the good of the participants and the photos to be taken.


Day 1

Arrival Spain Upon arrival in Seville you will be welcomed by Peter Manschot, the tour’s companion. Then we drive in about 1.5 hours to our nature-located property near the Rio Tinto. Here we arrive in the afternoon and will give everyone the opportunity to settle into the charming apartments. After lunch we will get ready for the first photo session in the inspiring Rio Tinto area.


Day 2 to 5.
Over the next four days we will visit the various locations of Rio Tinto’s «mars landscape». The various photo locations along the river are surrounded by many colourful details and are an ideal area to play with colours and shapes and expand your portfolio with original, not everyday photos. In addition to the river locations, we also visit part of the photogenic industrial heritage of the area.

Day 6.

After an inspiring week full of photographic experiences, we drive back to Málaga airport after breakfast. We start the journey homewards full of impressions, loaded with photos, new photo knowledge and skills.

The trip includes:

Accommodation in a double room with bathroom. Supplement single room 240 euros.

Meals (breakfast, picnic and dinner). The first day includes dinner, the last day includes breakfast and lunch.

Transportation throughout the trip

Driver’s guide.

Professional accompanying photographer.

Landscape photography workshops.

Viewings of the participants’ photos.  

Not included:



Travel or cancellation insurance

Reservations: A deposit in the following current account:

Triodos Bank:

ES40 1491 0001 2220 7952 7822

Concept: RÍO TINTO

Indicating name, surname, telephone, ID and address (tax) as well as the accommodation regime. 

Price. To be confirmed, depending the security conditions and safety measures with respect to the Corona virus





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