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“Nightly Magic”

An image which composition was evocative for me, especially by the presence of the Moon in a quite adequate place, which is also an element difficult to portray. The closeness of the Cork oak trees forced me to shoot with a rather wide angle, what caused the Moon to come out quite small. However this tiny moon enhanced quite well the large size of the Oak trees contributing to the magic atmosphere of the scene.

Made with an Analogue Camera Praktica Super TL , with a 28 mm F:2,8 Sigma lens, at F:16, 2  seconds exposure time,  at ISO 50 (Velvia) forced to 100 .

Peter Manschot, Cork trees, Moon, Sierra de las Nieves,  workshop, Andalusia, Travel, Photography, Nature, Sensations, Colours, Contrast, Experiences, Al Andalus Photo Tour






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