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«Naïf Landscape on fire»

A picture composed of two images stitched together and cropped, to adapt the composition to the spectacular clouds in the sky over the bucolic “ nave” landscape, with its undulations,  dyed with oranges and green, crossed by rural roads and touches of white and pink, forming one of the best areas for photography of almond trees in Andalusia.  The imagen has been taken with an ISO of 400, due to the presence of strong winds.

Made with Full Frame camera, lens 24-70 mm F: 2. 8 at 45 mm, 400 ISO and F.11 and 1/5 s, polarizing and gradient grey filter.

Peter Manschot, Almond trees blossom, Alpujarras, Taller, Pais Vasco, Euskadi, Viajes,  Fotografía Naturaleza, Sensaciones, Colores Contrastes Experiencias,  Al Andalus Photo Tour

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