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Al Andalus Photo Tour organises several photographic journeys through the Andalusian geography for international tour operators. The tours visit the main points of interest of Spain, from the South of the Peninsula to the extreme north, the trips include full pension in rural hotels with charm. The journeys last approximately a week and frequent the travel locations of greatest interest, scheduled at the time of their best photographic possibilities.

Al Andalus Photo Tour is responsible for photographic tuition of these trips and the logistics organisation. Apart from providing the photography workshops during the trip, viewings of the pictures of the participants are also organised to see the result of the implementation of the theory. Although it is not essential to assist, it is recommended to go with basic knowledge of photography and a DSLR camera, tripod and filters to take advantage of the workshops.

In this section we show destinations currently organized with the Dutch agency Fotoreisspecialist.


The Torcal is one of the most interesting and spectacular areas in Andalusia, where erosion from the elements has carved over thousands of years an incredible landscape, with «forests» and labyrinths of stones, formed by limestone rocks whose ghostly forms appear to suggest faces and petrified figures.

This magical landscape is accentuated even further in days of snow, fog or in the light of the moon. Its mystery invites you to wander through its narrow, breath taking alleyways. You’ll be amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of space that seems to transport us to already past eras or to dive us into a world of other dimensions, where to open our senses, and horizons and to live new sensations and experiences.


The coast of the North of the Peninsula is home to some of the most photogenic beaches of Spain. Our trip runs from the singular Flysch coast in the Basque country to the most striking beaches of Asturias, passing along the beautiful seascapes of Cantabria. We will also make some excursions into the interior where we can enjoy beautiful forests with lush vegetation.


This unknown place treasures one of the best conserved native forests of Europe.

Here we find a vegetation that is surprising for its density and subtropical nature, at the most southern point of the South. Misty forests with moss and ferns growing on trees, rivers and waterfalls, cork and gall oaks and Flysch beaches are some of the ingredients of the landscape that invites us to explore, walk, take pictures and enjoy.

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