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Boreal harmony

The flow of the snowfields as if they were ridges of waves in an imaginary sea, and the resisting of the rocks and mountains, whose balance created this singular image of boreal harmony. To the photographer the pleasant task of complementing the ensemble with the appropriate decoration in the sky.

Panoramic photo of 3 images, with 24-70 mm lens at 42 mm, F:13, 200 ISO, 1/13 s, polarizing filter 


Jurassic Flysch

The rock flows with its peculiar shapes, as if they were ridges of a huge dinosaur. He picture was taken during the «alpine glow» after sunset; a light with warm, pink hues, a less obvious but more subtle beauty than the contrasting sunset light. A place whose location should not be promoted given the fragility of the area and its formations.

Full Frame,  24-70 mm lens at 42 mm, F:16, 100 ISO, 0,8s, polarizing filter 


The boreal  Andalusia

A mountain plateau in the middle of nowhere with a microclimate with one the lowest temperatures of the Peninsula in winter and snowfields  present until the month of May, creating a singular boreal landscape, with whites as if they were almond terraces or flowering cherry trees. For the photographer the task (and privilege) of being there and searching for the right proportions between snowfields and landscape and between lights and shadows.

Panoramic photo of 2 images, with 24-700 mm lens at 58 mm, F:14, 100 ISO, 1/3s, polarizing filter 



A centenarian specimen of native Scots pine, resisting the inclemency of weather and climate, in one of its southernmost locations of the Peninsula, exhibiting all the strength of its powerful trunk and branches.

APC, 10-20 mm lens at 20 mm, F:11, 100 ISO, 10s

Firmness in the Storm

A surviving century-old species of Spanish fir during a storm in a place where I was camped for three days in the snow. In an instant and without warning the fog rose for a few seconds and then re-closed for at least two more days.

Analogue camera, 24-50 mm,  F:16, 50 ASA (slide), 1/60s, polarizing filter 


Agricultural Diagonals

A photo that portrays a wintery scene in one of the few agricultural landscapes that still maintains some references of its origins of the Mediterranean forest. Apart from the numerous diagonals between the undulations and furrows», the imaginary» diagonal line between the trees from the edge of the right to the left plays an important role in the composition.

Panoramic photo of 2 images, with 80-400 mm lens at 80 mm, F:16, 100 ISO, 2s, polarizing filter 


Wabi sabi

An agricultural landscape that still maintains some of its authenticity and essence, about to be turned into another olive grove like the many that have already swept away the native forests, pastures or agricultural lands of the interior of Andalusia. Yet the scene contains an ephemeral «imperfect beauty».

Panoramic photo of 6 images, with24-70 mm lens at 56 mm, F:16, 100 ISO, 1/60, polarizing filter 


The millefeuilles of history

An image showing the lines of a Flysch formation, sliding from the cliff towards the sea, where it was originated. The lateral light creates depth and accentuates the reliefs of this peculiar formation. Taking the shot with the tide going down helps to get intense tones with the rocks still wet.

Panoramic photo of 2 images, with 24-70mm lens at 24 mm, F:16, 31 ISO, 4s, polarizing filter 

Jurassic detail

A detail of flysch formations, showing the «Jurassic» ridges of the flysch that have stayed as sailors on land, with their dissenting rock in the foreground, balancing the whole and resisting and challenging the erosion and gravity.

Panoramic photo of 2 images, 24-70 mm lens at 70 mm, F:14, 100 ISO 1/15s, polarizing filter 

Desert Storm

After many years of frequent visits to this unique place I finally was able to photograph the desert, attractively contrasted by a storm and its rainbow. This phenomenon is as unpredictable as ephemeral and does not leave many options or much time to react, in this case I tried luck in a location that has some interest and depth to be combined with the presence of this phenomenon. In order not to delete the desired presence of the rainbow I put the polarizing filter on its minimum of intensity.

Full frame camera, 24-70 mm lens f:2.8, at 40 mm, 200 ISO, F:11 and 1/8 seconds, polarizing filter, umbrella


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