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A «geoform» whose sedimentation lines tell the history of its formation and current erosion, as if they were the rings inside a tree trunk, giving it a great sense of movement. The loase stones and the line in the lower right corner give balance to the whole image. In arder to ensure focus on the entire image, three images were made, each with a different focus point.

Processed in Camera Raw, with s/ight brightness and contrast changes. Edited in Photoshop, «focus stacking» to bring the three photos together into a single ful/y focused file. Cropping (slightly) and color adjustment with «selective correction».


Focus stacking ot 3 photos, Full/frame, 44 mm, F:14, 1/80 S, 100 ISO, polarizer





A form of ice, photographed on a cold morning, bathed by the first rays of the sun, with its ripples reflecting the suggestive movements of the water at the time of freezing. A transitory frozen scene that required the panoramic format for its best portrait. It will melt in a few moments with the caresses of the sun, then freeze again when the cold of the night blows over its waters.

Processed in Camera Raw, with light brightness and contrast adjustments. Edited in Photoshop, «photomerge» far creating the panoramic file, cropping and perspective correction using the «warp» too!, after converting the file into a «smart object’􀀔 color improvements by «se/ective correction’􀀴


Panorama of 2 fotos, Full/ trame, 80 mm, F:16, 1/4 s, 100 ISO, polarizer


Exceptionally low water levels created this unusual lacustrine delta print. In the composition I was seeking a balanced proportion between the elements. The image was taken from a high point of view to create greater depth, better separating the elements from each other. The high perspective also helps to obtain more intense colours in the image.

Processed in Camera Raw, with slight brightness and contrast adjustments. Edited in Photoshop, «photomerge» for the panorama. Converting the file into a «smart object» by «layer-smart object» to be ab/e to make a perspective correction with «warp’􀀰 after se/ecting the «edit-transform» option. Adjustment of colors using the «selective correction» too/ and final cropping.


Panorama of 3 photos, Full/ frame, 185 mm, F:14, 1/15 S, 100 ISO, polarizer


Image made in the analogue era, which I have hardly been able to improve since then. The high clouds, with their suggestive brushstrokes in the sky and their reflections flowing over the water (thanks to the lack of wind) are the necessary dynamizing and aesthetic elements to complete the whole. The polarizer was used to the minimum in arder not to erase the desired reflections.

Adjustments in Lightroom of the scanned slide as if it were a Raw file, with initial change of settings, correcting definition and lost colours during the scanning and applying a moderate gradient. Se/ection and correction by zones in Photoshop to mitigate lens and scanning failures (eliminating the dominant blue in the clouds), focussing and (selective) noise reduction with «dust and scratches».


Analogue camera, 24 mm, F: 16, 1/8 s, slide 50 ASA, polarizer


A mountain plateau with its five thousand hectares of unpopulated undulating lands that we still have; the legacy of griffon and bearded vultures, mouflons, mountain goats, blizzards and storms sweeping over the plains. Shelters for our wilder side, realms of silence for our deepest interior when the wind grants a truce. Lands of infinite horizons, devoid of trees, furrowed by the flow of snow over the undulating landscape, among mountains of resistance, origin of the most important rivers of the South. It is also the place of a story that begins, ends and starts again here in the Sierra de Segura. As anywhere and like life itself, a balance between an infinite flow and resist, completing the circle of the cycle of life, and then starting over.

Panorama of 3 photos, Full/ trame, 70 mm, F:11, 1/60 s, 100 ISO, polarizer


Boreal harmony

The flow of the snowfields as if they were ridges of waves in an imaginary sea, and the resisting of the rocks and mountains, whose balance created this singular image of boreal harmony. To the photographer the pleasant task of complementing the ensemble with the appropriate decoration in the sky.

Panoramic photo of 3 images, with 24-70 mm lens at 42 mm, F:13, 200 ISO, 1/13 s, polarizing filter 


Jurassic Flysch

The rock flows with its peculiar shapes, as if they were ridges of a huge dinosaur. He picture was taken during the «alpine glow» after sunset; a light with warm, pink hues, a less obvious but more subtle beauty than the contrasting sunset light. A place whose location should not be promoted given the fragility of the area and its formations.

Full Frame,  24-70 mm lens at 42 mm, F:16, 100 ISO, 0,8s, polarizing filter 


The boreal  Andalusia

A mountain plateau in the middle of nowhere with a microclimate with one the lowest temperatures of the Peninsula in winter and snowfields  present until the month of May, creating a singular boreal landscape, with whites as if they were almond terraces or flowering cherry trees. For the photographer the task (and privilege) of being there and searching for the right proportions between snowfields and landscape and between lights and shadows.

Panoramic photo of 2 images, with 24-700 mm lens at 58 mm, F:14, 100 ISO, 1/3s, polarizing filter 



A centenarian specimen of native Scots pine, resisting the inclemency of weather and climate, in one of its southernmost locations of the Peninsula, exhibiting all the strength of its powerful trunk and branches.

APC, 10-20 mm lens at 20 mm, F:11, 100 ISO, 10s

Firmness in the Storm

A surviving century-old species of Spanish fir during a storm in a place where I was camped for three days in the snow. In an instant and without warning the fog rose for a few seconds and then re-closed for at least two more days.

Analogue camera, 24-50 mm,  F:16, 50 ASA (slide), 1/60s, polarizing filter 



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